Litter Prevention

Litter damages our environment, our wildlife, our image and our quality of life.
Litter is a social problem that affects everyone in Sumter. Litter on the roads and highways are a direct result of individual actions and those actions directly impact our local economy. Litter can also lead to increased crime; it signals to criminals that residents don’t care what happens in their neighborhood and makes the area more vulnerable.

The City of Sumter started this initiative as a response to a community demand to eliminate litter.




...that litter near storm drains, especially plastics can contaminate and clog waterways? Storm drains lead to waterways, so litter poses a potential hazard to marine life, our nation's water system and can contribute to localized flooding in our community.

...that litter has a direct effect on your bank account? Litter on the streets causes property values to decrease and property taxes to increase. Litter can also be a deterrent to businesses locating in our area and therefore job opportunities are lost.

...that litter also causes car insurance rates to increase? Litter especially larger items when left in the street can become a contributor in motor vehicle accidents. Insurance companies take this into consideration when determining rates, so the more litter on the streets in your area the more money you could have to pay for insurance.

...that cigarette butts are the number one most frequently littered item. Cigarette butts make up roughly 38% of all U.S. roadway litter and take over 5 years to decompose. (According to information obtained by Palmetto Pride about 95% of cigarette filters are composed of cellulose acetate, a plastic which can persist in the environment for 10+years.)

...that packaging litter makes up nearly 46% of litter 4 inches and greater? This includes but is not limited to fast food containers, snack wrappers, plastic bags and other packing products. Some of the most commonly littered items take extremely long to decompose:

  • Plastic bag - 20 years
  • Tin can - 50 years
  • Aluminum can - 200 years
  • Plastic bottle - 450 years
  • Glass bottle - 1 million years


We want you to be part of the solution, not the pollution in Sumter.
Love where you live.
Pledge today to keep Sumter beautiful. 

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If you notice illegal dumping of trash in the City of Sumter, we need you to report it, using our online customer service form. 

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Volunteers are a vital part of our success. You can also use this same form to volunteer to help.

If you would like to volunteer to help, please complete the form or contact our litter prevention department at:

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