Meet City Council

Sumter's City Council is composed of seven members and is governed under the Council-Manager form of government. Six council members are elected from six separate wards and the Mayor is elected at-large. Sumter has the distinction of being the first to adopt the Council-Manager form of government, on June 11, 1912.

The Council Chambers are located on the 4th floor located in the historic Sumter Opera House at 21 N. Main Street, Sumter. Regular City Council meetings are held on the first Tuesday at 1 PM and on the third Tuesday at 5:30 PM. You may enter the building from the rear (parking lot) entrance and proceed to the elevator.

For more information on City Council contact:

Linda Hammett
City Clerk
(803) 436-2578


Thomas Lowery
Thomas J. Lowery
Ward 1
(803) 773-9298
Steve Corley
Steve Corley
Ward 4
(803) 305-1566
(803) 468-5875
Robert Galiano
Robert A. Galiano
Ward 5
(803) 469-0005
Joseph McElveen
Joseph T. McElveen
Ione Dwyer
Ione J. Dwyer
Ward 2
(803) 481-4284
David Merchant
David P. Merchant
Ward 6
Calvin Hastie, Sr.
Calvin K. Hastie, Sr.
Ward 3
(803) 774-7776