Transportation projects are identified through the process of creating a Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The LRTP includes plans for all modes of transportation infrastructure in the area. The LRTP contains existing conditions of transportation infrastructure and future plans for changes and improvements of infrastructure based on data and stakeholder input.



The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is the guide for how SUATS plans to invest in the transportation system over a 25-year period, and must be updated every 5 years to reflect changing conditions and new planning principles. The FAST Act mandates that the LRTP includes environmental, social, and intermodal considerations. It is a financially constrained vision of future transportation improvements. The SUATS 2045 LRTP was adopted in November 2018, The current LRTP establishes goals and objectives which form the basis for the evaluation of projects submitted for the TIP.

2045 LRTP


The UPWP lists the transportation studies and tasks to be performed by MPO staff or member agencies over a two-year period. The UPWP includes all federally funded studies plus other state and local planning activities. Updates are required every two years.

UPWP - Amendment 1

Hampton Park Traffic Calming Study (2016)

The Hampton Park Historic District was established by the Sumter City Council in 1979 and remains the City’s only primarily residential historic district. In 2015, SUATS commissioned a Corridor Study to evaluate opportunities for traffic calming on Calhoun Street, as well as surrounding streets in the neighborhood.


Lafayette Drive Corridor Study (2007)

The Lafayette Drive Corridor is a primary north-south corridor within the City of Sumter. In 2007, SUATS commissioned a Corridor Study to evaluate opportunities for protecting mobility while enhancing the corridor’s character.

Lafayette Drive Study