Transportation projects are identified through the process of creating a Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The LRTP includes plans for all modes of transportation infrastructure in the area. The LRTP contains existing conditions of transportation infrastructure and future plans for changes and improvements of infrastructure based on data and stakeholder input.

Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)

The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is the guide for how SUATS plans to invest in the transportation system over a 25-year period, and must be updated every 5 years to reflect changing conditions and new planning principles. The FAST Act mandates that the LRTP includes environmental, social, and intermodal considerations. It is a financially constrained vision of future transportation improvements. The SUATS 2050 LRTP was adopted in November 2023, The current LRTP establishes goals and objectives which form the basis for the evaluation of projects submitted for the TIP.

2050 Long Range Transportation Plan (PDF, 26 mb)


Turkey Creek Greenway Feasibility Study (2022)

The Turkey Creek Greenway Feasibility Study explores the possibility of creating a bicycle and pedestrian greenway along Turkey Creek on the eastern side of the City of Sumter.  The project provides the following results: 

  • Informs and educate residents, local public officials, and planning staff on the feasibility of a multi-use path along Turkey Creek.
  • Provides data on potential destinations, environmental assets/hazards, and other information that may provide opportunities or challenges to implementing a greenway in this corridor.
  • Provides a recommended multi-use path alignment.
  • Provides preliminary cost estimates to help inform SUATS policymakers in making decisions for possible implementation of the project.

Turkey Creek Greenway Feasibility Study

Hampton Park Traffic Calming Study (2016)

The Hampton Park Historic District was established by the Sumter City Council in 1979 and remains the City’s only primarily residential historic district. In 2015, SUATS commissioned a Corridor Study to evaluate opportunities for traffic calming on Calhoun Street, as well as surrounding streets in the neighborhood.

HAMPTON PARK Traffic Calming Study

Sumter Connectivity and Greenways: Master Plan for Shot Pouch Creek (2014)

The Master Plan for the Shot Pouch Creek envisions a 3.5-mile natural greenway as a viable community amenity, designed to connect neighborhoods, encourage recreational walking and biking, and as a catalyst for new niche neighborhood commercial development. In essence, this plan sees a linear park serving as a “spine” for greater connectivity in Sumter.

Master Plan for Shot Pouch Creek Greenway

Lafayette Drive Corridor Study (2007)

The Lafayette Drive Corridor is a primary north-south corridor within the City of Sumter. In 2007, SUATS commissioned a Corridor Study to evaluate opportunities for protecting mobility while enhancing the corridor’s character. 

Lafayette Drive Corridor Study