HOPE Centers

The purpose of the HOPE Centers is to "Harvest Opportunity and Promote Empowerment" through education, job training, cultural and recreational activities. The City of Sumter, through the dedication of the HOPE Center Staff, is determined to provide quality services that enrich and improve the lives of those it serves in the community.

All three HOPE Centers are open from 8am - 7pm, Monday - Friday. Facilities are available for rental for Friday evenings from 7pm to 12am or Saturdays from 8am to 12am. The centers are closed on Sundays. Please call (803) 436-2640 for more information.

Visions of Empowerment
  • All people have value; all people have worth. Every person is an important person who plays a vital role in the building of a community.
  • Every child can learn, every family can nurture and every community can provide a caring environment in which children grow safe and strong.
  • Education empowers people and diversity makes the community grow. A caring community can be the catalyst for change in the individuals and communities.
  • Community Safety
    • C.O.P. program
  • Youth
    • After School Enrichment, including the HYPE Program
    • 4-H
    • Diamonds
    • Spoken Word
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Safety
    • Venturing
    • Kid's Court
    • Music
    • Computers
    • Swimming
    • Seasonal Sports
  • Seniors
    • Walkie Talkie
    • Seniors Club
  • Education
    • Adult Ed
    • One-to-One Tutoring
    • Computer-Assisted Instruction
  • Job Training/Education
    • Job Skills
    • Computer-based training
    • Interview Techniques
    • Resume Writing
  • Health & Wellness
    • Aerobics
    • Education, Wellness & Screening for:
      • Hypertension, Cholesterol, Diabetes
      • Cancer, Heart Disease, Depression, Stress, Obesity
      • and more.
  • Community Development
    • Entrepreneurship Programs
      • Starting or expanding your business
      • Financing your Business
      • Marketing your Business
      • Customer Service Basics
      • Human Resource Basics
      • Bookkeeping and Accounting
      • Building your Business Plan
    • Financial Seminars
      • Correct Financial Problems
      • Develop a Budget
      • Learn How to Save
      • Balance your Checking Account
      • and more.



Birnie Hope Center
Birnie HOPE Center
210 S. Purdy Street
Sumter, SC 29150
Phone: (803) 436-2645
Fax: (803) 436-2696
[email protected]

Manager: Evelyn Johnson
Asst. Manager: Leon Myers

Birnie Hope Center
North HOPE Center
904 N. Main Street
Sumter, SC 29150
Phone: (803) 436-2691
Fax: (803) 436-2694
[email protected]

Manager: Mary Lee
Asst. Manager: Wayne Russ

Birnie Hope Center
South HOPE Center
1125 S. Lafayette Blvd.
Sumter, SC 29150
Phone: (803) 436-2653
Fax: (803) 436-2656
[email protected]

Manager: Tyrone Nixon
Asst. Manager: Paul White