Affordable Homebuyer Program: City of Sumter Housing & Economic Development Corp.


New Construction
The construction of a new stick-built house is sold to a qualified applicant. These houses are built within city limits.


To assist lower income individuals and families to purchase a Home within the City of Sumter.

Eligible Buyer

Maximum Household Income must not exceed HUD's Income Limits as noted below:  

Family Size12345678
Income Limit$26,600$30,400$34,200$38,000$41,050$44,100$47,150$51,200
  • Income Verification: The Section 8 (Part 5) definition of income will be used to verify the income of all individuals that are 18 years or older and permanently reside in the household
  • Financing: Applicant must be able to obtain first mortgage financing from private mortgage lender
  • Credit History: Applicant must have a responsible Credit History
  • Minimum Contribution: Minimum cash contribution of 1% of selling price may be required from buyer
  • Homebuyer Counseling: Applicant must attend and complete pre-purchase and post-purchase counseling provided by the City of Sumter
  • Primary Residence: Applicant must occupy the property as their principal residence

Eligible Properties - The only housing units that are eligible under this program are houses built by the City of Sumter and are located in various areas within the city limits. 

Loan Description
  • City Grant up to $3,000 for Closing Costs.   
  • Forgivable deferred loan to $35,000 for gap financing (0% deferred loan).


Contact Info:

Clarence Gaines, Housing Director
12 West Liberty Street
Suite H
Sumter, SC 29150
(803) 774-1649