Mayor's Minute

A community investment information series from the City of Sumter, SC Mayor's Office.

The City of Sumter is committed to government accountability and transparency. Council notes are not official minutes of City Council, rather a summary of what's happening in and around the City. The public is invited to all City Council Meetings and encouraged to voice their concerns or issues. Additionally, we also have an online Customer Service Form where you may ask a question or report an issue.

Council held three public hearings this month, to receive public comments on the following: Construction of a 40-unit townhouse development within the commercial portion of Sumter West Subdivision on Constitution Drive and Brushwood Drive. Rezoning three parcels, located at 106, 108 and 112...Read more

Council held three public hearings last night, to receive public comments on the following:

Our community development entitlement funds report on how the City utilized $297,301, which included: Sewer improvements for two (2) LMI homeowners Demolition of twelve (12) structures Historic...Read more
The City held four public hearings this month, to receive public comments on the following ordinances, all of which come with the Planning Commissions recommendation: To allow for the development of detached single-family residential units in Hampshire Estates located on Alice Drive Extension. This...Read more
We are happy to report that the City of Sumter’s annual audit has been completed and our 3 rd party (external) auditor has presented us with the highest unmodified opinion that an entity can receive, further stating that “the City of Sumter has a very healthy unassigned reserve, that our finances...Read more

The Sumter School Board recently voted to reopen Mayewood Middle School after it had been closed. Its students were assigned to a newly renovated and program-enriched R.E. Davis College Preparatory Academy. The vote to return about 140 students to Mayewood, located a little more than a mile away...Read more