What is Poconite?
Poconite is a slow-release, organic soil enhancer that is excellent for use on flowers, lawns and trees. It is also useful as a deer repellent. The City produces over 1,000 tons per year, all of which is shipped to Florida for multiple agricultural uses.

How is Poconite made?
As wastewater enters the plant, large objects are separated by automatic bar screens.  Sand and other small debris are removed, and the material is aerated and mixed with beneficial bacteria.   The resulting “sludge” is pumped onto belt filter presses where the water is squeezed out, forming a putty-like cake.  This is then heated in a rotating drum and converted to pellet-size Class A soil enhancer- Poconite.

Why produce Poconite?
Before production of Poconite, all of the City's waste would be hauled off to a landfill- a costly and labor-intensive process, now Sumter’s Poconite operation prevents waste from entering the landfill and allows for a more environmentally friendly alternative.

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