Sumter Pride Program

Residential Demolition Assistance Program

The City of Sumter is committed to the revitalization of its neighborhoods. We endeavor to improve the aesthetics and quality of life by assisting in removing vacant blighted dwellings throughout several areas of the City. We would like the opportunity of discussing demolition options for your structure. Keep in mind, you will retain ownership of the land after demolition.

Program Manager

John Macloskie
[email protected]
(803) 774-1602


The demolition cost to each owner is $400 or no charge if your family income is below the HUD guidelines. To be eligible, you must meet the following income guideline based on the number of people living in your household:


Number of Persons    Maximum Income

In March of 2002, the Sumter Pride program was announced. Codes Enforcement identified over 200 vacant or boarded up dwellings throughout several neighborhoods. The success of this program comes from the citizens of Sumter and their willingness to utilize the resources available to make Sumter a better place to live. In the first year, the Sumter Pride program was successful with over 40 demolitions, and again in 2003, an additional 45 structures have been demolished. To date, more than 400 dilapidated dwellings have been demolished.

The City of Sumter has received awards for this program, including an Economic Development Achievement Award from the Municipal Association of South Carolina and a Livability Award from the United States Conference of Mayors and has received a $3.4 million Neighborhood Initiatives Program grant from the South Carolina State Housing Authority.