dog laying in grass
dog laying in grass

Pets are family, and more people are choosing to include them in their travel plans. While health and safety regulations prevent your pet pals from enjoying some spaces, you will find that Sumter also contains many places where your furry (and not-so-furry) friends are more than welcome!

From parks and campgrounds to a cozy B&B, outdoor dining, a rooftop brewery, and two dog parks, there are plenty of opportunities to get your pets in on that family selfie, night out, or evening under the stars.

Bring your furry pals along and enjoy Southern Hospitality for yourself and your pets!



Please call for individual store policies.

Dine-in Seating:

Outdoor Seating:

Parks & Trails

For more information, please call the Swan Lake Visitors Center at (803) 436-2640.


Before you visit any dog park, here are a few rules you should follow:

  • Be sure your dog is up to date on all required vaccinations.
  • If your dog is in heat, don’t bring her to the dog park.
  • Keep the leash on your dog while entering and exiting the park. Leave the collar on at all times.
  • You are responsible for your dog—and that includes picking up doggie poop. Bag up the waste and dispose of it properly.
  • If your dog becomes aggressive with any other dog, remove your dog immediately.

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