Wastewater Division

The Wastewater Division of the Utilities Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Pocotaligo Wastewater Treatment Plant. This plant receives the wastewater from residential, commercial, and industrial users. The wastewater plant is operated to reduce the pollutants in the water before it is discharged to the Pocotaligo River. The plant also converts sludge, a byproduct of the treatment process, into a low-grade marketable fertilizer and soil conditioner. The Wastewater operation team consists of 24 members; a superintendent, an assistant superintendent, a pretreatment manager, a chemist, a lab technician, 2 lead operators, 4 biosolids operators, 8 shift operators, and 5 laborers.

The Wastewater team is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of a small community sewage plant (Mayesville Sewage Plant).

The department collected, treated, and discharged 3,356,300,000 gallons of wastewater during the year. The average amount treated and discharged daily was 9,195,000 gallons, and the highest amount, 16,340,000 gallons, was discharged on March 8, 2014. Pocotaligo Wastewater Treatment Facility produced and sold 1,095 tons of PocoNite for use as a low-grade fertilizer, and received 2,480,000 gallons of hauled waste from septic tanks and sludge from smaller sewage treatment plants in Sumter County during the year of 2014. The City has 24 permitted industries in its EPA mandated Industrial Pretreatment Program. Eleven of the industries are required to operate their own wastewater pretreatment system before discharging to the City.

Charles Glasscho
Director of Utilities
(803) 481-4177


Sewer Division

The sewer division maintains the sanitary sewer distribution systems which handle wastewater from residents, apartment complexes, commercial businesses, hospitals and industries. This includes 24 hour response to customer problems and emergency repairs. Work includes installation and repair of residential, commercial and industrial taps, mainlines, trunk lines and force mains; installation and repair of manholes, cleanouts, etc. Our camera crew works full time to visually inspect, record and map our existing system and new systems prior to our taking them into perpetual maintenance; this crew insures we meet the requirements of the SCDHEC for reporting of overflows and the Infiltration and Inspection Program.

Repairs & Concerns
Sewer concerns consist of sewer stoppages, sewer main breaks, sewer service line breaks, sewer line locations, sewer tap schedules, manhole top replacements, manhole locations, and manhole installation.

For information about any repairs please contact (803) 436-2558

Gary Corbett
Superintendent of Sewer Plants
(803) 481-4677