A board jointly created in 2021 by the City of Sumter and Sumter County Councils, to promote reduction of litter along the publicly maintained roads in Sumter County and the City of Sumter and make recommendations to Sumter County Council and Sumter City Council regarding funding of the litter reduction operations.

Current Board Members:
  • Russell Brannon, SAFE Federal Credit Union
  • Joe Brown, Joe Brown Bail Bond
  • Scott Burkett, Realtor
  • Beverly Davis, Crosswell Neighborhood Association
  • Rev. Ernest Frierson, who represents the northeast corridor of Sumter County
  • Chris Hardy, Greater Sumter Chamber of Commerce
  • Barbara Richburg, Turkey Creek Neighborhood Association
  • Sandra Riley, S.C. Department of Transportation
  • Joey Rogerson, Sumter County Sheriff’s Office
  • Capt. Robert Singleton, Sumter Police Department
  • Erika Williams, Sumter Development Board
Ex-officio Members
  • Steve Corley, City Council
  • Charles Edens, County Council
  • Deron McCormick, City Manager
  • Gary Mixon, Country Administrator