Keep Sumter Clean FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I know if I can participate?
    You must be a current city resident and roll cart customer. On your City Utility Bill you will see a line under the description column that reads "RR-Rollaway Residential", this means that you are eligible to participate.
  2. Why do I need to separate my trash?
    This is a requirement by recycling centers and landfills for all materials to arrive onsite in separate piles. Because the trucks will pick up whole neighborhoods across the city at one time, the piles need to be separated before they are loaded into the trucks.
  3. Why do I have to have it out by Sunday, January 21st?
    Our third party vendor will begin pick up at 7AM on the morning of the 22nd. Their trucks will be running various routes depending upon need. There is no scheduled date or time per neighborhood or household. 
  4. Will the city's staff or the vendor be able to help us separate our junk at the curb?
    No. Residents will be responsible for separating your own materials.
  5. If I do not separate my junk into piles will the vendor take it anyway?
    No, our contracted vendor will bypass your property until everything is separated as we outline on our graphic (see graphic here).
  6. How long do I leave my piles out by the curb?
    You must leave them out there all week until collected. There is no guarantee of which day that week our vendor will pick up your separated piles.
  7. Are you using existing city trucks and equipment?
    No, the trucks used for this one-time pick up will be our from a professional third-party vendor that we have contracted and who specializes in large-scale cleanups.
  8. Why aren't you using city trucks and staff?
    The City does not have the capacity to run large scale junk removal program on a regular basis. There are local businesses available to you for removal as well as recycling centers and a landfill for you to properly dispose these materials of your own.
  9. How much will residents be charged to participate in this program?
    This is a one-time service that will NOT cost residents any additional fees on their monthly billing.
  10. Will this program affect my normal weekly curbside trash removal?
    No, city customers will still be serviced by our trash trucks on your normal weekly pick up day. Your normal weekly pick up day will NOT change this week.
  11. Will the trucks pick up more than once during this week at my location?
    Yes and No. Different trucks will come to your house to pick up different piles depending upon the separation (see Junk Removal Separation graphic). Once one pile is picked up, that particular truck will not return to your home. For example, if you lay out five (5) tires by your curb and the tire recycling truck picks them up, they will mark your address as complete. If you lay out more tires later that week, it is highly likely that the additional tires will NOT be picked up.
  12. Is the city picking up large junk outside of January 22-26, 2024? 
    No, this is a one-time pick up where we have contracted with a third-party vendor to come to the city and pick up for residents.
  13. What do I do if I miss the pick-up window of January 22-26, 2024?
    If you miss the pick up window, you will be responsible for disposing of your large items on your own. As residents of Sumter County, all City residents have access to nine (9) recycling centers and the landfill for disposal. Please see our map for locations nearest you.
  14. Can businesses participate?
    No. Currently, this one-time service is only available to residents inside city limits who are current roll-cart customers.
  15. It says you take tires, but what do I do with the rims?
    You may choose to keep the rims, but if you do not, you must separate the rims from the tire. Rubber tires go into one pile, and the tire rims will go into the "white good" pile.
  16. Can I sort through my neighbor's piles in search of items I'm interested in?
    No, that could be considered trespassing and theft. You must have approval from the homeowner/property owner before you can pick through items on their property (the same goes any time of the year).
  17. I have old lawn equipment, will this program pick them up?
    Yes, however, all oils and gasoline must be drained from them before placed by the curb.
  18. I have old oil and gasoline containers that are half full, can those be placed in this program?
    No, oils, gasoline, paints, household cleaners, and lawn pesticides are considered hazardous waste and according to South Carolina law, must be disposed of by different means. For more information on how to dispose of those materials you will need to read more about each on their individual Material Safety Data Sheets - most can be found online or where you purchased the materials. Also, see SC DEHC regulations by clicking here.
  19. I am a city resident and I live in an apartment complex, am I eligible to participate?
    No. Typically apartment complexes have dumpsters. This program is only open to roll cart customers.
  20. I am a county resident, can I participate in this program?
    No, this program is just for City of Sumter residents who are current roll-cart customers. If you do not live within city limits you will need to take your large items to the Sumter County Recycling Centers or the Sumter County Landfill (Please see our map for locations nearest you).
  21. What is the City doing to catch illegal dumping?
    We are using surveillance cameras at dumping hotspots around the city to catch activity. The city is working to hold dumpers accountable for clean-up costs. Additionally, any resident, business, and/or agents assisting or aiding in illegal dumping will be held responsible. In the past year, we have been able to get more than 200 hours of community service issued through the court system for violations.
  22. Do I need to register to participate? No, you do not need to call or email. If you are a city trash/roll cart customer our contractors will be following our existing routes to pick up your various piles.
  23. Will you pick it up...?
    1. Lawn mowers? Yes, but please drain the oil and gas from the equipment. It goes into the Construction/White Goods pile.
    2. Piano? Yes, it would go into the Construction/White Goods pile.
    3. Old car seats? Yes, it would go into the Construction/White Goods pile.
    4. Bathroom renovation? Yes, we'll pick up the old stuff, most of it should go into the Construction/White Goods pile.
    5. Broken leaf blower? Yes, drain all gas/oil from it and put it into the Construction/White Goods.
    6. Someone dumped a mattress in front of my house? Yes, we'll still pick it up if you are a city resident, it will be along our route.
  24. What if I have a question that isn't available here?
    Please call our office at (803) 436-2558 to talk to a customer service representative, Monday-Friday 8:30 AM - 5 PM.