Sumter Walk + Bike Master Plan

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What is the Sumter Walk + Bike Master Plan?

The Sumter Walk + Bike Master Plan is the first of its kind study for Sumter that will create a guide for expanding the bicycle and pedestrian network in the Sumter area.  The Plan will recommend improvements for the long-term vision of connecting the area with an active transportation infrastructure that expands routes throughout the community that are safe, convenient, and comfortable for all users.

Who is responsible for developing the Plan?

The City of Sumter, on behalf of the Sumter Area Transportation Study Metropolitan Planning Organization (SUATS MPO) is developing the Plan.  The development of the Plan is recommended in the SUATS 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan. The City of Sumter, Sumter County, and SUATS view this Plan as an important next step in developing the Sumter area’s bicycle and pedestrian network. This project is part of the SUATS MPO’s implementation of transportation planning objectives utilizing federal-aid funds.

What are the benefits of a bicycle and pedestrian master plan?

The continued development of the Sumter area’s network of bicycle and pedestrian facilities will make biking and walking a more viable mode of transportation and a fun way to get around.  The improvements will also contribute to an enhanced quality of life for residents including increased public health.  The Plan will consider the region’s future growth and contribute to distinguishing Sumter as a healthy, vibrant community with high-quality lifestyle accommodations.

What will the Plan accomplish?

The SUATS Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Project will include the following components:

  • Review of local transportation policies and planning documents
  • Assessment of the condition, safety and distribution of existing bicycle and pedestrian facilities
  • Community outreach through in-person events, surveys, public meetings, and social media
  • Prioritized recommendations for improving and expanding the existing bicycle and pedestrian network, including facility types and locations
  • Examination of areas for improved signage and lighting
  • Identification of new trailhead locations and recommendations for amenities to be included at all trailheads
  • An implementation plan with “actionable” steps

When will the Plan be completed?

We expect the plan will be completed by the end of 2022.  The final Plan will include the components highlighted above and also include a plan for maintaining the network. 

How can I get involved?

Everyone’s involvement is encouraged! 

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  • Look for our tent or table at community events to share your ideas.  We will be at the following events in the coming months to hear from you, with more events being scheduled:
    • Art in the Park/Earth Day Festival - Saturday, April 23nd, 2022 (complete)
    • Iris Festival at Swan Lake – Saturday, May 28th, 2022 (complete)
    • Fourth Friday on Main Concert – Friday, June 24th, 2022
    • Plus more to come