Mayor's Declaration Ending Curfew

The Mayor has just signed a declaration ending the curfew that was started Wednesday. Our citizens have worked well with law enforcement to ensure the safety of our community and we thank you for that.

Sumter, SC (June 5, 2020) – The Emergency Ordinance declaring a daily curfew in the City of Sumter has been lifted as of today.

“The immediate threats and dangers which necessitated the curfew have been avoided at present,” stated Joe McElveen, Mayor City of Sumter.

Ordinance No. 2681 has been rescinded as of 12pm on June 5, 2020 and no longer applies within City limits. The Mayor cautioned however, that should any threat return, additional steps may be required in the future.

For a full copy of the declaration, see below.


Downtown full declaration by clicking here (PDF).

Mayor's Declaration Ending Curfew