It’s time to double down on physical separation. You can make a difference.

How many times have Sumterites hunkered down in preparation for a hurricane? Sometimes we are hit; more often, we are not. But our common sense tells us, “Don’t take a chance.” We need to treat the coronavirus the same way. The next couple of weeks are a critical time. The US Surgeon General has likened this situation to Pearl Harbor or 9/11.

The experts have devoted their lives to controlling infectious diseases. While I hope they are wrong about the danger we face, the odds are that they are not. Are you willing to risk your life and health, or that of your loved ones, based on the chance that they might be wrong? I am not.

Please! Please! I plead with everyone in Sumter to abide by our governor’s “home or work” order. Observe the city-wide curfew. Stay at home and leave only for work and essential needs. If you leave home, make sure you avoid close contact with other people. A mask will help keep you from infecting others. Remember that the virus has a long incubation period, and there are many who have it and don’t know it yet.

We have provided important COVID-19 documents, links and guidance on our website for you to follow, (then click on the COVID-19 image).

It’s time to double down on physical separation. You CAN make a difference.

Thank you. Mayor Joe McElveen