Judson Coker

Battalion Chief - Training Division

Battalion Chief Judson Coker began his path in the fire service as a volunteer firefighter for the South Lynches Fire Department in 2004. He quickly fell in love with the fire service and was fortunate to be hired as a career firefighter for Sumter in 2007. Battalion Chief Coker obtained the ranks of Firefighter 1, Firefighter 2, Firefighter 3, Engineer, Lieutenant, and Captain on the operations side. As a Captain, Judson took lots of pride and enjoyed riding the Engine out of Headquarters which was historically the busiest truck in the Sumter Fire Department often called “The First Truck”. In 2023 Judson was promoted to Battalion Chief over the Training Division. Judson and his family reside in Lake City where he also continues to volunteer for South Lynches. He and his wife Carmen have two children, Tate, and Tyson. In his spare time, Judson enjoys going to the beach with his family, hunting, and working with his deer hounds.

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