City of Sumter Named 'All-America City' Finalist

SUMTER, SC (2 APRIL 2019)- The City of Sumter is among the top 20 U.S. cities that have been named as a finalist for the National Civic League All-America City Award. 

Since 1949, the National Civic League has recognized communities that engage residents in innovative, inclusive and effective efforts to tackle critical challenges. This year, the All-America award is focused on projects that demonstrate inclusive decision-making processes to create healthy communities for all, particularly populations experiencing poorer health outcomes.

NCL officials described 2019 as “an extremely competitive year.” Finalist communities include the 7th largest city in America (San Antonio, TX) and a city of only 3,500 people (Gothenburg, NE). The 20 finalists share a common bond of working to create healthy communities through inclusive civic engagement.

“Sumter is competing for this recognition as a community, not just as a city, “stated Joe McElveen, Mayor, City of Sumter. “Our ultimate strength is our citizens. Their character and willingness to confront problems and the future with confidence, compassion and hard work makes Sumter a great place to live, work, pray and play.”

The city highlighted several projects in their application, mainly focused on the city's efforts to increase per capita income throughout the entire Sumter community. Projects included efforts to increase the talent pipeline; STEM programs, scholarship opportunities; as well as land protection efforts to help secure the future of the community’s largest employer, Shaw Air Force Base.

“Our strategy is unity: government at all levels, public, private, charitable and philanthropic groups, all working together to be the best that we can be. Just being a finalist is an accomplishment. Regardless of the final selections, we will continue to work together to become better and better,” said McElveen.

The 20 finalist communities will compete this June in Denver, Colorado to be recognized as one of the All-America Cities for 2019.A team of Sumter residents, leaders, business representatives, government officials and local youth plan to make the trip.

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City of Sumter Named All-America City Finalist


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