City Partners with Clemson Extension to Create Litter STEM Kits for Sumter Schools

Mayor Merchant, along with City Litter Officer and Clemson Extension met with Sumter School District today to deliver the first of 30 STEM Litter Lesson Kits to help teach our youth about the effects of litter.

Kits will be delivered to all K-5 Schools in Sumter, including private schools over the next few weeks. There will also be homeschool kits available through the Clemson Extension Office.

How the kit works is classrooms will be divided into six groups to provide students with hands-on learning. Each of the six setups will allow the students to create their own towns with homes, buildings, cars, pets and more that are all surrounded by a watershed. The kit also includes a student handout and a map showing the four watersheds that affect Sumter County - Lake Marion, the Wateree River, Black River and Lynches River.

This project was made possible by a grant from Palmetto Pride.

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