New Traffic Lights To Be Activated For Shot Pouch Greenway

SUMTER, SC (6 APRIL 2022) - The City of Sumter and SCDOT are scheduled to activate High-intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) signals on Broad Street in the coming days. A HAWK signal is a traffic control device used to stop road traffic and allow pedestrians to safely cross busy roads.

“These traffic signals are the first installation of their kind in Sumter County,” stated Jason Stoddard, Shot Pouch Greenway Project Manager. “They have been installed as part of the new Shot Pouch Greenway.”

The on-demand HAWK signals will create a point on Broad Street, between Community Street and Newman Street, where traffic will be stopped intermittently to allow for the safer crossing of users of the Shot Pouch Greenway.

What should motorists and pedestrians expect?

  • Motorists will first see a flashing yellow light as a warning to use caution and slow down. The signal will then display a solid yellow light and drivers should prepare to stop. When motorists see the solid red light, they must stop until all pedestrians safely cross the road. The solid red light will then turn to a blinking red light. At this time, the light should be treated as a stop sign and motorists can proceed if the roadway is clear of pedestrians. The light will then turn off and traffic can proceed as usual.

HAWK Signal Operation Sequence (Driver Responsibilities)

Signal Activity

Driver Responsibility

Dark Signal

No action required; no pedestrian activity.

Flashing Yellow

A pedestrian has pressed the button and is waiting to cross. Driver may proceed, carefully observing the crosswalk area, in case pedestrians step out unexpectedly.

Solid Yellow

Drivers should slow and, if able, stop safely; the HAWK signal is about to change to red and give the pedestrian the “WALK” sign.

Solid Red

All vehicles are required to stop to allow pedestrians to cross.

Flashing Red

Drivers may proceed, one at a time, if the crosswalk is clear of pedestrians.

Dark Signal

The signal then goes back to dark until a pedestrian pushes the crosswalk button to restart the sequence.


  • The HAWK signals are push-button activated. Therefore, pedestrians using the greenway will need to push a button on the HAWK signal pole and wait for the “Walk” signal indication before proceeding across the road.
    • Pedestrians are advised to look both ways and ensure that it is safe to cross before entering the roadway regardless of whether the “Walk” signal indication is showing.

“Additional HAWK signals will also be activated at other crossings as trail development continues,” stated Stoddard.

The Shot Pouch Greenway is an approximate 3-mile pedestrian greenway that connects Sumter vertically from Dillon Park in the north to Swan Lake in the south. The greenway is meant to encourage recreational walking, jogging, and biking, provide additional connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists and connect people to nature. Funds for this initiative come from the 2014 voter-approved referendum to continue Sumter’s Penny for Progress Capital Projects Sales Tax.

For more information on the greenway and additional driver and pedestrian responsibilities, visit