Mayor Expresses Thanks To Local Volunteers

How about that Sumter!!  I’m not sure I’ve experienced such an event-packed week, as we did last week!

The annual Inspire! Festival showcased Lee Brice as one of the largest concert events that any organization has ever taken on in Sumter, and the Shaw Air and Space Expo not only highlighted the sheer power of our military but of its everyday presence in our community.  Uncommon Patriotism is our motto, and it was lived out this weekend.  Both events made me proud to live in Sumter and see how our community can work together to turn Sumter into a destination for many across the globe. Just these two events brought together more than 100,000+ people from across the state and nation. And this was accomplished primarily through the assistance of volunteer coordination.

As part of National Volunteer Month, I would like to acknowledge the volunteer involvement of all those who have devoted themselves to helping the Sumter community.

Whether you were involved in this past week’s community events and cultural experiences or helped throughout the year with sports and recreation, boards and commissions, litter clean-up events, and others, your generosity is commendable.

Thank you for your involvement.

Thank you for your dedication.

Thank you for your accomplishments.

Thank you for helping to make Sumter a more inviting community.

Your time and commitment have been and continue to be essential as we move forward.

National Volunteer Month is a time when we can stop and thank the many people who make our community a stronger, safer, and more inclusive community through their commitment to helping others. Rather than staying on the sidelines, as a volunteer, you take it upon yourself to support Sumter, and I want to thank you for the valuable work you have done for our City!

This month, I want to challenge everyone to get out there and do some sort of volunteer work. If not to help an existing group you volunteer for, find something meaningful in our community that allows you to build on your own happiness and feelings of well-being. Let’s continue to build partnerships and strive to make our community one that is innovative and positive.

Community is not one thing. Community is everything!

Thank you Sumter.

Mayor David Merchant