As you approach major highway entrances to our community and ride around the City, you may notice signs designating Sumter as a Purple Heart City and County. Have you ever thought about what this honor means for active and retired veterans living in Sumter?

Established by George...Read more

Citizens are invited to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Sumter Veterans Park, located along Highway 378 adjacent from Shaw Air Force Base. The parks new entrance is off of Oleander Drive. Officials from Shaw Air Force Base, the City of Sumter, Sumter County and the Sumter County...Read more

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) noted on Wednesday that COVID-19 cases in South Carolina and Sumter have plateaued. Analysis by SCDHEC has shown that the areas of the state that have mask ordinances have a lower rate of new cases than those who do not....Read more


We know that masks and separation are the key to slowing COVID-19. City Council has renewed the City of Sumter ordinance requiring masks three times. The current extension will be up for renewal again at our meeting on October 7.

Analysis of data by the South Carolina Department of...Read more

In recent days, I have received emails and heard public comments regarding the non-compliance of mask wearing in businesses and locations in the City of Sumter. I feel the need to emphasize that the ordinance approved by City Council requires business owners to ensure that his or her employees are...Read more

Mayor's Minute

A community investment information series from the City of Sumter, SC Mayor's Office.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Mayor’s Minute, a community investment information series from the City of Sumter. The City of Sumter is committed to accountability and transparency, and it is my hope that this series extends this commitment to our residents and visitors.

In Sumter, we are blessed with a diverse community from all different backgrounds. Whether you are a military friend or a lifelong resident, we all call Sumter home and we want it to be the best home it can be. Sumter is home to multiple institutions of higher education, premier tourism destinations like Swan Lake Iris Gardens and a military friendly community in partnership with Shaw Air Force Base.

Ours is a city of uncommon patriotism and progressive spirit. Every day, I get to meet and talk with residents and community builders who are working to improve Sumter in their own way. This service shows that our people care about our city and community, and I hope the information on this webpage is helpful to you as you carry on in your tireless efforts.

As mayor, I am excited to welcome you to the City of Sumter and hope you will join me in exploring the educational, entrepreneurial and civic opportunities this community offers.

--Mayor David Merchant