TriSumter Triathlon

Facing more than you think you can is a challenge!

Triathlon's teach, train and inspire deep into the soul.  For those who are planners, motivators, and competitors a Triathlon is for you!  When you participate in a Triathlon the experience is for all the senses.  Feel the water, sun, wind, dust and unbelievable satisfaction that comes from crossing that finish line! Swim, Bike and Run alone or with a team of two or three depending on which one or two of the three sports you enjoy the most! Start training today! October will be here before you know!  If you are interested in practicing your swim times call the Aquatics Center for FREE practice and training times for all registered participants.  We appreciate your participation and look forward to making this an even larger success than any other year! If you have any questions please feel free to contact our staff at 803-774-3998 Mon. - Fri. 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.

The TriSumter Triathlon is a USAT sanctioned race. The swim is a 300 yard pool swim in the outdoor heated pool at the City of Sumter Aquatics Center. It will be a stagger start with one person starting every five seconds. There will be a 17 mile bike course and a 5 k running course that will travel throughout the Sumter area. All of the events will start and end at the City of Sumter Aquatics Center.



Military Discount (Through October 4)$30$60
Early Registration (Through October 4)$45$75
Two Weeks Before (October 11 - 18)$60$90
Race Day (October 19)$90$120
Novice Athletes

Race Number & Body Marking

You will receive your race number in your race packet. The number must be affixed to the front of your person during the running portion of the triathlon.

On race morning after you have received your race number you will then need to get your body marking done. The body marking station is located inside the entrance of the City of Sumter Aquatics Center. Plan to bring your race number with you as you will to insure that the person body marking you is writing the correct number. The body marking will have your assigned race number on both your upper right and upper left arms, as well as on both you right and left thigh. You will also be marked on the back of you left calf with your age if you are racing in the Age Group division or with you race division if you are racing as a Clydesdale, Athena or Relay.

Timing Chip

  1. All participants will receive their Timing Chip on race morning at the Marking Table. You are REQUIRED to show your paper bib number in order to receive you timing chip.
  2. It is REQUIRED that all participants wear the timing chip on their an ankle.
  3. You must return your chip at the finish line.
  4. You cannot use this chip at other races.
  5. If you are not able to finish any leg of the race, you must turn in your timing chip before crossing over any additional timing mats. In this event, take your timing chip to the timing chip collection area near the finish line and inform them of your decision.

Transition Area

Triathletes may enter the transition area at the posted start time of race morning packet pick-up. All bikes must be racked 15-minutes before the start of the first swim wave.


  1. Bike storage will NOT be provided the night before the event.
  2. Glass containers are NOT allowed in the transition area.
  3. Only triathletes and transition workers are allowed in the transition area. Please advise your family and friends that they will need to remain outside of the transition area.
  4. Participants will NOT be allowed to mount their bikes in the transition area and will be required to dismount at the designated spot outside the transition area.

Race Flow

  1. Swim: When triathletes finish the swim portion of the race, they will enter the transition area and proceed to their bicycle rack (relay teams make their exchange at their bike rack). Each triathlete's swim time will end when they cross the timing mat located near the swim exit.
  2. Bike: It is important to use extreme caution when departing the transition area. All athletes must put on their helmet and snap the strap before mounting their bike. Bike times will start when triathletes depart the transition area through the 'Bike Out' chute and end when they re-enter the transition area through the 'Bike In' chute in the transition area. Once the bike portion is completed, triathletes will return their bike to their designated spot in the transition area. Bikes may NOT be ridden in the transition area!
  3. Run: Triathletes depart the transition area by exiting through the 'Run Out' chute. Triathletes run time will begin when they depart the transition area at 'Run Out' and end when they cross the finish line.


Contact Info

1115 S. Lafayette Dr.
Sumter, SC 29150
Phone: (803) 774-3998
Email: [email protected]

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Info for Registered Participants

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