SUATS Plans and Programs are approved by the Policy Committee, which receives technical input from the organization’s Technical Committee, or “Study Team”.

Policy Committee
The SUATS Policy Committee is the decision-making body of the Sumter Area Transportation Study and is primarily comprised of elected officials representing municipal, county and state governing bodies within the study area.

List of Committee Members (PDF)
Meeting Agendas
Meeting Minutes


Technical Committee (Study Team)
The Technical Committee is responsible for advising staff on preparation of the Long-Range Transportation Plan, the Transportation Improvement Program, and the Unified Planning Work Program.  This committee is comprised of transportation subject-matter experts and stakeholders.

List of Committee Members (PDF)


Public Involvement
SUATS maintains a Public Participation Plan to ensure adequate opportunities for the public to express its views on transportation issues and to become active participants in the decision-making process.  The Plan describes the opportunities that will be made available to members of the general public and other interested parties to participate in planning activities and decision‐making processes pertaining to the local expenditure of federal transportation funding. The Plan sets forth the guidelines that will be followed by SUATS for public notification, conduct of public meetings, and adoption of federally‐ required transportation plans and programs.

Public Participation Plan
Current Opportunities for Public Engagement
Title VI Plan
LEP Plan