Water Assistance Program

 About the Program


All donations to the Neighbor Helping Neighbor Program will be set aside to assist water customers who need assistance in paying their water bill.

Your donation can be as small or as large as you can afford. Your donation will then be placed into a designated fund and managed by the United Ministries of Sumter County.

Every need request will then be vetted and verified by United Ministries.


No donation is too small and every cent can make a big difference to your neighbor. Please Donate!


Donation Form


How to Donate

It is quick and simple and you can be sure that every cent truly does count.
There are three options to choose from:

  1. Add a one-time donation, of any amount you choose, to your monthly bill.
  2. Enroll in Auto Roundup. Auto Roundup will automatically increase your monthly water bill to the next whole dollar. (For example, if your total bill is $68.75, you will be billed $69.00. Your contri-bution this month would be $0.25 cents.)
  3. Add a recurring dollar amount to your monthly bill, of any amount you choose.


If you choose roundup or recurring donations, the same donation will be applied to your water bill every month thereafter. You may cancel your donation, at any time, by calling the City of Sumter Utility Finance Dept. at 803-436-2541.
Complete the above form, sign and send in with your water bill payment.