1. Is there plenty of parking?
    YES, parking is free at the Sumter County Civic Center, directly beside the fair grounds.
  2. Do you have Handicap Parking? 
  3. Do you take Debit/Credit Cards?
    We do not take cards for entry fees at the event, t-shirts, beer. Some Food Trucks do take credits. I would suggest bring cash. The fair grounds does have an ATM onsite; however, it is not guaranteed. 
  4. Will there be restrooms available? 
    Yes, the fair grounds are equipped with public restrooms.
  5. How many food trucks?
    There will be 15-25 trucks available.
  6. How much is the beer and is it available during the entire event?
    Domestic ($3) and Craft ($6) Draft will be available all day. 
  7. Cost of tickets and what do I get with the tickets?
    General Admission: $5 at the gate (cash only)
  8. Are the tickets more expensive at the event? 
    No. See above.
  9. Will you have music? 
    Yes we will have a band for live entertainment throughout the day.
  10. Is there a kid’s area?
    There is not a designated kids area, but children are welcome to attend. Kids 12 and Under enter free.
  11. Will there be places to sit and eat? 
    YES we will have picnic tables
  12. Do I need photo ID to purchase alcoholic beverages?
    YES we will have an ID Booth that you will check your ID before you receive a beverage wristband.
  13. Are there any healthy options?
    YES several of the Food Trucks offer salads and other low calorie foods.