Transition Area


Triathletes may enter the transition area at the posted start time of race morning packet pick-up. All bikes must be racked 15-minutes before the start of the first swim wave.



  1. Bike storage will NOT be provided the night before the event.
  2. Glass containers are NOT allowed in the transition area.
  3. Only triathletes and transition workers are allowed in the transition area. Please advise your family and friends that they will need to remain outside of the transition area.
  4. Participants will NOT be allowed to mount their bikes in the transition area and will be required to dismount at the designated spot outside the transition area.


Race Flow

  1. Swim - When triathletes finish the swim portion of the race, they will enter the transition area and proceed to their bicycle rack (relay teams make their exchange at their bike rack). Each triathlete's swim time will end when they cross the timing mat located near the swim exit.
  2. Bike - Bikes may NOT be ridden in the transition area. It is important to use extreme caution when departing the transition area. All athletes must put on their helmet and snap the strap before mounting their bike. Bike times will start when triathletes depart the transition area through the 'Bike Out' chute and end when they re-enter the transition area through the 'Bike In' chute in the transition area. Once the bike portion is completed, triathletes will return their bike to their desiganted spot in the transition area.
  3. Run - Triathletes depart the transition area by exiting through the 'Run Out' chute. Triathletes run time will begin when they depart the transition area at 'Run Out' and end when they cross the finish line.