Sumter Road Race Series

The Annual Sumter Series IS TAKING A BREAK FOR 2018

The City of Sumter and the Sumter running community always celebrate physical fitness,. With registration in the Sumter Series, every runner is automatically registered in eight of Sumter’s road races- the Westside Christian Academy Resolution Race 5K, the Tuomey Foundation 5-Miler, the Young Professionals of Sumter and City of Sumter’s Recovery Road Race (5K/10K), the United Way Derby Day Sumter 5K, the Hot Pursuit 5K, the Sumter County Library’s Forrest Ray 5K, the Sumter Sunrise Rotary 5K, and the YMCA’s Turkey Trot. Participants receive the standard race day-issued t-shirts at each run, along with a separate Sumter Series t-shirt. The Sumter Series is an event that emphasizes health and community throughout the year. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in the third annual Sumter running Series! Register now!


Registration Fee
Registration is $100 and guarantees eight (8) running races throughout the calendar year. Registration allows you to choose between the 5K or 10K Recovery Road Race. Participants receive a commemorative 2017 Sumter Series t-shirt.



February 3 | Westside Christian Academy Resolution Race 5k

9:30 a.m. start time at Westside Christian Academy





March 17 | Tuomey Foundation 5-Miler

9 a.m. start time at Tuomey Hospital






April 14 | Recovery Road Race 5k/10k

9 a.m. start time at Heath Pavilion next to Swan Lake Iris Gardens 








May 5 | United Way Derby Day Sumter 5k

9 a.m. start time at Rotary Centennial Plaza on Main Street






May 19 | Hot Pursuit 5k

8 a.m. start time at the Sumter YMCA






September 15 | Sumter County Library Forrest Ray 5k

8 a.m. start time at Sumter County Library






October 27 | Sumter Sunrise Rotary 5k

9 a.m. start time at Rotary Centennial Plaza on Main Street




November 22 | YMCA Turkey Trot 2017

9 a.m. start time at YMCA Sumter