Sumter City-Wide Water Meter Replacement Project to Begin in March

Posted by City of Sumter Monday, February 27, 2017 12:34:00 PM Categories: billing housing public services utility water water meter

SUMTER, S.C. (February 27, 2017) — In March 2017, the City of Sumter will begin a two-year process of replacing customers water meters, community-wide. The City has contracted with Siemens, a company with water meter replacement projects all across the United States, to replace all existing water meters.


According to the City officials, the new meters will offer advantages, such as, quicker leak detection for customers, daily automated readings, reduced meter reading costs, improve City’s sustainability (conservation, greenhouse gas reduction) and more efficient customer service.


“The entire project will take two years to complete,” said Candi Quiroz, Utility Finance Director. “We appreciate our customers understanding as we make this transition to better manage our water resources.”


The following guidelines for the replacement project have been released by the City for customers:


  • Replacement process - Prior to your meter being replaced, you'll be notified approximately 48 hours in advance with a door hanger on your front door. The notification will include contact information as well as related instructions.


  • Water Meter Access - The installation technicians, who will be wearing blue shirts clearly showing the Siemens/Pedal Valve name, must have access to your water meter box to complete the meter exchange. Typically, water meters are located in the front yard of residential properties, near the curb. Technicians will not need to enter your home.


  • Water Meter Exchange – While you do not need to be home during the meter exchange, a technician will knock on your door to notify anyone present that the exchange is about to begin. During the exchange your water will be temporarily shut off, for approximately one-hour, while the new water meter is installed. The crews will ensure that any surrounding landscape will be returned to its pre-existing condition. Once the installation is completed the technician will run a few gallons of water from an outdoor spigot to test the new meter. Once all necessary repairs are finished, a technician will leave an additional door hanger that the project has been completed.


Additional information can be found on the City’s website, and customers with questions about this project should call 803-774-3222.