Shaw AFB

Shaw AFBShaw Air Force Base has been a significant part of the City and County of Sumter, South Carolina for more than 60 years. The working partnership between the base and community has become a proud tradition for a superior quality of life. This partnership is a symbol of excellence in supporting the Air Force mission while building civic pride and patriotism in the community, both now and in the future.


The Shaw-Sumter Community Council was formed more than 60 years ago, and the spirit of cooperation has been foremost in developing confidence, understanding, mutual respect and friendship. This spirit, well known throughout the Air Force community, has created an award winning, nationally recognized base-community relationship.


The people of Sumter have great patriotic pride in supporting the base mission, military personnel and their families, with an overwhelming display of support for deployed personnel and their families. Base personnel return that support to the community through their unselfish work to improve the quality of education, medical care, spiritual life and humanitarian activities. Such monumental events as Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Desert Storm, Hurricane Hugo and many others have strengthened the bonds of mutual respect and caring.


The community takes a special pride in the accomplishments of the 20th Fighter Wing's operation and maintenance organizations, recognized as "Best in the Air Force" and multiple winner of the coveted Daedalian Award. Likewise, the leadership displayed by Headquarters 9th Air Force/USCENTAF during operations in Southwest Asia brought special national recognition, esteem and respect to Shaw AFB, Sumter and South Carolina. Sumter is proud to be a community partner with the Department of Defense, the United States Air Force and Shaw Air Force Base.


Shaw AFB is ideally positioned to support the mission and training requirements that provide combat-ready forces and personnel for worldwide deployments in support of US national defense policies. The base infrastructure and operational support facilities provide modern capabilities to meet the current requirements of the Wing, with a growth potential to support additional personnel, largely using existing infrastructure. Should a larger military mission unit be assigned to Shaw AFB, the base can accommodate these needs within the bounds of existing property.


The USARCENT Headquarters, established on Shaw AFB in 2011, significantly added to the military missions and overall military presence in the Sumter community and the state. The City and County of Sumter strive to meet the requirements/desires of all the military personnel and families assigned to Shaw AFB.