Public Services

Public Services is the largest work group in the City of Sumter and is made up of 14 departments with more than 180 employees.  The main office is located at 303 East Liberty Street and has other locations throughout the city and county. 


Under the supervision of Mr. Al Harris, Assistant City Manager of Public Serivces and assisted by Mr. Ray Goodman, Director of Public Services. The City Warehouse, Construction, Electrical, Parks, Gardens and Sanitation departments are managed by Mr. Ray Goodman. Mr. Charles Glasscho, Utility Director, manages our Wastewater Plant, Water Plants and Mechanical Maintenance departments. Richard Pring, Director of Public Works, handles the Water and Sewer distribution systems. The most recently developed department is Stormwater managed by Mr.Teige Elliot. Bill Rozier handles the Engineering department and Veronica Moore works with GIS.

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Public Services

 If you live or work in the City of Sumter or are just visiting our City, and you have a request, need an issue resolved, or would like to voice a concern, you can use the Customer Service System to notify us of the problem or concern. The request automatically gets routed to the appropriate City department for action.

303 East Liberty Street

Sumter, SC 29150

(803) 436-2558

Public Services Complex

Water Tower

Sanitation Truck