USTA Palmetto Pro Open

The Palmetto Pro Open is a Women's $25,000 USTA Pro Circuit Event.  This event debuted in Sumter in 2008 as a 10K 128 player entry event. In 2015 the event became one of three 25K events in South Carolina with a 64 player entry.  It is one of five USTA Pro Circuit women’s events held in South Carolina per year.


USTA Pro Circuit
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Previous Year Winners


Year        Winners       

2017  Ashley LaHey (USA)

2016  Catherine Bellis (USA)

2015  Mayo Hibi (JPN)

2014  Brooke Austin (USA)

2013  Jamie Loeb (USA

2012  Louisa Chirico (USA)

2011  Alexis King (USA)                                    

2010  Jelena Pandzic (CRO)       

2009  Petra Rampre (SLO)                                

2008  Mallory Cecil (USA)


Year           Winners

2017  Kaitlyn Christian (USA) - Giuliana Olmus (Mex)

2016  Caitlin Whoriskey (USA) - Ashley Weinhold (USA)

2015  Alexandra Mueller (USA) - Ashley Weinhold (USA)

2014  Sophie Chang (USA) - Andie K. Daniell (USA)

2013  Alexandra Mueller (USA) - Kristy Frilling (USA)

2012  Nicola Slater (GBR) - Jan Abaza (USA)

2011  Bojana Bobusic (AUS) – Nicola Slater (GBR)

2010  Alexandra Mueller (USA) – Ashley Weinhold (USA)

2009  Allie Will (USA) – Caitlyn Williams (USA)

2008  Brooke Bolender (USA) – Beatrice Capra (USA)


SPECIAL THANK YOU TO: Dr. Kristen Wyrick with Carolina Family Medicine and Dr. Rodney Alan.