Jehovah Missionary Baptist Church's 100th Anniversary Day

Sunday, January 16, 2011 2:00:00 PM Categories: News



Jehovah Missionary Baptist Church, has convened today, this 16th day of January 2011, to celebrate and praise God in a Centennial Consecration service. Jehovah Missionary Baptist church was first organized in 1911 in a house on Manning Avenue under the leadership of the Rev. T. K. Kershaw, who later saw the need for a formal church and financed thebuilding of a new church at the corner of South Harvin Street and Royal Avenue. Rev. L. C. Crafton, a student pastor from Morris College, was the first pastor of the church, and was followed by a number of other pastors—Rev. Cabbagestalk, Rev. E. W. Dix, Rev. Richard R. Dwyer, Rev. M. W. Hall, Rev. A. B. McPhail, Rev. Benjamin F. Weston, and the current pastor, Rev. Marion H. Newton who has served the church since 1982. During the tenure of Rev. McPhail, who began his service as pastor in 1931, the church was destroyed by fire and Rev. McPhail led the members in building a new church. The church’s membership continued to grow over the years, and in 1952 Rev. Benjamin F. Weston saw the need to build a larger modern church at 805 South Harvin Street, however; after 42 years of dedicated service to the church and community, God called Rev. Dr. Benjaman F. Weston to his eternal home in December, 1980. Under the dynamic leadership of Pastor Newton, the Church currently has a membership of more than 2,200, holds two Sunday morning services, and consists of a number of ministries, including a youth ministry under the leadership of Youth Pastor Ricky Simmons, many choirs, Sunday school classes, church related boards, scouting and athletic programs, a child development center, and a family life education center. On January 1, 2011, the church held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new sanctuary to be constructed at 609 Manning Avenue. Pastor Newton and the Jehovah Missionary Baptist Church Family have set a vision not only for the church, but to continue to touch as many lives as possible by spreading God’s Gospel throughout the community and upholding its mission to EXALT THE SAVIOR; EVANGELIZE THE LOST; EXECUTE MISSION; EDIFY THE SAINTS.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that I, Jospeh T.McElveen, Jr., Mayor of the City of Sumter, do hereby proclaim Sunday, January 16, 2011 as


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and hereby urge all citizens to join in commending and congratulating Pastor Marion H. Newton and the Jehovah Missionary Baptist Church family for their many years of untiring service to the community.

Joseph T. McElveen, Jr., Mayor