Exercise Safety Before, After Hurricane Florence

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 11:30:00 AM Categories: emergency management Flood hurricane police public safety SCEMD

SUMTER, SC (Sept. 11, 2018) - The Sumter Police Department urges everyone to get prepared, have a plan, stay informed and make sure you, your family members, neighbors and acquaintances

are doing the same, especially the elderly who may need assistance.




  • Have plenty of water and enough non-perishable food items to last from a few to several days.
  • Make sure you have needed medications, oxygen supplies, etc.
  • Have extra batteries and chargers to keep your needed devices, including cell phones, tablets, flashlights, radios, and etc., operable.




  • Develop a safety plan. Have somewhere safe to go if you live in a mobile home or other structure that can’t withstand strong winds.


  • Have a grab and go bag with needed toiletries, medications, clothing, paperwork, etc., that you can get quickly if you have to leave your home.




  • Keep up with weather forecasts and safety information provided through local news outlets, law enforcement, public safety, government agencies and utilities.




  • Heed issued warnings, such as staying at home. If you have to be out, never drive around a barricade or cones. Don’t drive through flooded roadways. And, know what to do when a traffic signal is out or flashing.


  • Limit phone calls and the time you are on the phone. Phone lines can become inundated with calls during times of an emergency thereby disrupting some calls that need to get to first responders.


  • Keep emergency contact information on hand. The Sumter Police Department can be reached for non-emergency calls at (803) 436-2700. Always dial 911 in case of an emergency.


  • Local organizations, business and individuals that are hosting preparedness and/or recovery efforts in the city limits, are asked to contact the Sumter Police Department ahead of time so that we can assist you during the planning process.


To stay informed, follow our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/sumterscpolice). For more safety information, call (803) 436-2700.