Don't Stop Believing It's Journey

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Sumter Opera House welcomes you with open arms to Journey Tribute show

SUMTER, S.C. (January 25, 2017) – Making their only stop in South Carolina, “Resurrection – A Journey Tribute” will be bringing their highly sought after tribute experience to the Sumter Opera House on February 10.  Your eyes and ears will fool you as the group faithfully resurrects the Steve Perry era of the band’s history, giving you the best Journey concert that’s not actually Journey!


Tribute bands can get a bad rap.  The cofounders – keyboardist Vic White and lead singer Ryan Christopher – knew this, and set out to create the most authentic Journey experience anyone has ever witnessed.   They spent countless hours discussing the look, sound, production, and FEEL needed for the band to deliver a live experience that would resonate on the highest level with the most avid Journey fan. 


After six months of research and arduous rehearsals, their first live show created a tremendous Facebook buzz.  Hard-core Journey fans drove hours to see this new tribute play their next few shows and were struck by the power of the performance.  Soon accolades began rolling out, praising this group as the closest replica to the Steve Perry era of Journey.


It’s no surprise that this group could put together a show that encourages long-time fans to bask in the memories.  The band members are all seasoned musicians themselves. 


White, a local boy, born and raised in Orangeburg, SC, has toured and/or recorded with named acts like John Berry, Deana Carter, and Bryan Adams. 


Christopher began his love affair with music at a young age and has fronted various cover bands throughout his career.  For the last decade, he has been resurrecting the “Golden Voice” of Steve Perry for fans all across the nation with various bands. 


Drummer Jim Handley has worked with Shakira, Peter Frampton, U2, Pearl Jam, Keith Urban, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Most notably, Handley was Journey’s drum tech from 2001-2008 and played a handful of concerts subbing for Dean Castronovo. 


Guitarist Steve Sheroan’s dedication to his craft has landed him numerous gigs in the studio with credits ranging from MTV, to GAC, to WCW Wrestling, and even the String Quartet Tribute series of albums on classical guitar.  His attention to detail and his uncanny ability to channel his “inner-Neal” always leaves the audience amazed. 


Bassist and vocalist Ben King turned his love of the bass guitar into a career in Music City, performing both live and in the studio for artists like Briana Tyson, Mckenzies Mill, Haley & Michaels, and his own original projects.


Fans around the world have celebrated the announcement that Journey gets inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2017.  To commemorate this iconic band's deserved accolade, "Resurrection - A Journey Tribute" has dubbed its show dates this year the "2017 Hall of Fame Tour". 


“We are thrilled to welcome such a dynamic and compelling band to our stage,” commented Cultural Manager, Seth Reimer. “Every show is guaranteed to be a brilliant reproduction of sights and sounds, complete with a red piano, that will captivate and transport audiences, rekindling memories for long time fans and creating new memories for the youngest fans.” 


While at the Sumter Opera House, the band will be filming a new promotional video in which concert goers may be included.  Pam Morse, who handles marketing for the band and also happens to be married to the lead singer, says they are excited about the upcoming performance at the Sumter Opera House. “We look forward to wowing Journey fans with our ‘resurrection’ of the Steve Perry era of arena rock and also capturing the energy of fans while recording our 2017 promotional video.”


A VIP package will be available for fans to meet the tribute artists up close and personal.  For an additional $25 on top of the ticket price, the VIP package will include a meet-and-greet before the show as well as some autographed souvenirs.


The Sumter Opera House is located in downtown Sumter, just 40 miles east of Columbia. The current Cumberland Buff stone structure was built in 1895 after a fire destroyed the original wooden building. In 1936, a major renovation turned the auditorium into a motion picture theater and also created 300 jobs for local workers during the Great Depression.  In 1973 it was officially listed on the National Register of Historical Places, but closed a decade later as progress increasingly pulled people away from Main Street and towards malls or multiplex movie theaters.  Capitalizing on the national growing movement toward downtown revitalization and historic preservation, the city reopened the Sumter Opera House in 1987 in its present form.  Used primarily for rentals and graduations, in 2014 the City began the effort that has turned the Sumter Opera House into its present day concert and entertainment venue.



What:  Sumter Opera House presents Resurrection: A Journey Tribute

When:  February 10 at 7:30 pm

Where:  Sumter Opera House, 21 North Main Street, Sumter, SC  29150

Cost:  $30 / $28 / $25

Info:  803-436-2616 or