Population Sumter County  
Total County Population 104,646
City Population 40,399
Male 50,680
Female 53,966
Median Age 33.4
Households 37,728
Average HH Income 49,597
Median HH Income 33,278
Median Family Income 38,970
White 52,462
Black 48,850
Asian 944
Other Race 833


Annual Economic Impact of Shaw Air Force Base:

Total Income and Expenditures:$446.4 Million
Military Retiree Annual Income:$101.6 Million
Total Income: $552 Million
Current Estimated Economic Impact: $1,104 Billion


(Data accurate as of 09/05)




Shaw Air Force Base is a major employer in the Sumter market. Shaw is an F-16 Fighter Wing and also serves as headquarters for 9th Air Force. As a result of the Base Realignment Act, Shaw AFB will soon see substantial growth. The headquarters for 3rd Army will be moved from Atlanta to Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter. This will add an estimated 1700 additional military and civilian personnel, resulting in a growth of over 5000 people in the Sumter area!



Current Payroll:

Military: $251.5 million
Civilian: $ 31.9 million
Total Active Payroll: $283.4 million
Annual Expenditures: $ 96.9 million
Secondary Jobs: $ 67.3 million
Military Retiree Annual Income: $128.9 million
Total Income/Expenditures: $576.5 million