City Parks


The City has over 24 parks, recreational trails, ballfields, gathering spaces and several miles of right-a-ways within City limits that are open to the public.


Our parks allow pets, on a leash, with one exception, Swan Lake Iris Gardens does not allow pets within the walking gated area. Pets are allowed in the parking areas only at Swan Lake Iris Gardens.


      Leash Laws       


Park Locations Map (PDF*)

Gardens Maintenance


Swan Lake Iris Gardens is a historical and horticultural significant garden. The staff is responsible for performing maintenance on approximately 70 acres of 150 acre site. This includes but is not limited to maintaining flower beds, grass cutting, weed and litter control. Building maintenance such as maintaining all restrooms, picnic shelters, Heath Pavilion, Iris Market and the Visitor's Center are also a part of their duties. However, one of the main attractions for Swan Lake is that it is the home of all eight species of Swans, which brings duties of its own such as daily feedings and inspection of all 71 Swans. These Swans are observed daily for behavioral patterns to include but are not limited too laying periods, disease epidemic, injuries and predator presence. The Gardens has a full time Horticulturist who is responsible for production of all seasonal plant material that are planted in the Gardens, Parks, neighborhood beautification projects and other City Facilities.




Swan Lake Visitor's CenterIf you are interested in renting park facility, all applications for the City parks or facilities are received and approved through the Swan Lake Visitors Center located in the entrance of Swan Lake Iris Gardens on Liberty Street.


For more information please call the Swan Lake Visitors Center at 803-436-2640.



Tree MaintenanceThe City streets are maintained by constant weed and litter control. There is a schedule which is arranged so that most streets are taken care of in a timely fashion. This is all part of the beautification process that the City of Sumter has so strongly tried to uphold.


Our tree maintenance program works to identify trees in need of trimming, cutting, and removal. They also plant new trees and work with the City / County Planning Commission to make sure Sumter is a more beautiful place to live with the expectations of recognizing Sumter as an Urban Forest.



City Entrance SignThe City entranceways are part of the City of Sumter's beautification program, maintained by Sumter Green. We take pride in our entranceways since they are to make a statement of how we pride ourselves in making sure Sumter is a beautiful place to live.


There are seven City entranceways which are located on Broad St. in front of K-mart, on Liberty St. in front of the Coca-Cola Plant, on Hwy 15 South, on Hwy 15 North, on Pinewood Rd., on Hwy 378 going towards Florence, and on Hwy 378 in front of Shaw AFB.

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