Chocolate Garden

The Chocolate Garden, established in 2009, is a whimsical addition to Swan Lake. It contains edible plants such as Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes, Chocolate Corn and Chocolate Mini Bell Peppers which all have a chocolate look to them but maintain their vegetable flavors (please do not sample these). The Chocolate Garden also contains flowers that smell "chocolaty," such as the Chocolate Daisy, Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Cosmos.  There are flowers with chocolate colored leaves, or stems, or centers of flowers, as well as chocolate-looking grasses and a chocolate Mimosa tree. To give the Garden a splash of color, we have interwoven various "white chocolate," strawberry and banana-colored selections for a real "Banana Split" effect.  A cypress- covered path weaves around the plants, and an arbor full of Chocolate Vine is the perfect place to pose for a memorable photo.

cocoa rose sign mimosa tree sunflower