The staff of the Sumter City-County Building Department provides a variety of services to the public. The major services are:

  • Inspections of all building permits at all required times in the construction process,
  • Building Permit approval, forms, and consultation on all applicable Building and Mechanical Codes,
  • Sign Permits for all signs except one per parcel based on zoning. Special instructions are provided for size and location of all signs.
  • Plans Review of all commercial construction projects.



The Sumter City-County Building Department, through the Director and Building Official, provide all required inspections for all phases of residential, commercial, industrial, and farm construction - after all required permits are obtained and fees paid. Inspections include building footing, rough-in, saw pole, final, electrical, gas, plumbing, HVAC, mobile home, swimming pool, and signs.


Inspections are scheduled on a first come first serviced basis and are usually scheduled within 2 days. Inspections are requested by calling the Building Department at (803) 774-1600 and giving the permit number, location, type inspection, date and time desired, and contact phone number. Date and time may be confirmed by calling the department at 9:30 a.m. on the day requested.

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Building Permits/Codes

The Sumter City-County Building Department oversees the application of the International Building and Residential Codes for all construction in the City of Sumter, Town of Mayesville, and the unincorporated sections of Sumter County.


The Building Department, under the direction of the Building Director, receives all permit applications and fees, processes the applications, reviews plans, issues or denies permits, conducts inspections and issues either a Letter of Completion or Certificate of Occupancy.


Fees are based on a fee schedule (PDF*) and application forms may be obtained from the attached files or from the Building Department Office.


CurrentBuilding Codes In Effect Are As Follows:


2012 InternationalBuilding Code (ICC)


2012 International Residential Code For One and Two Family Dwellings (ICC)


2011 National Electrical Code NFPA 70 (NEC)


2009 International Energy Conservation Code
(ICC) w/ASHRAE/IES 90.1 - 2004


2012 International Fire Code (ICC)

Fuel Gas Code

2012 International Fuel Gas Code (ICC)


2012 International Mechanical Code (ICC)


2012 International Plumbing Code (ICC)


SC Barrier Free Building Design Standard
(Regulation 19-400 as established by SC Law Section 10-5-210 with Reference to 2009 and including ANSI - A117.1-2003


NOTE:All above Codes are with the approved South Carolina modifications. Code Books are available at International Code Council, (ICC) Office located at the Merovan Center,1200 Woodruff Road, Suite H-22, Greenville, South Carolina, 29607; Telephone 888-422-7233, Ext.7401 Or On-line at

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Subdivision of Property/Plats

The Planning Department of the Sumter City-County Planning Commission reviews all subdivision of property actions (plats) for the City of Sumter and the unincorporated portions of Sumter County. Plats are reviewed for Compliance with zoning and subdivisions standards as published in the appropriate Sumter Zoning and Development Standards Ordinance.


Major subdivisions and major site plans require Planning Commission approval while the Staff does all minor subdivisions, site plans, and plats for approved major subdivisions.


In accordance with state and local laws, an approved and recorded plat is required before property may be sold or transferred. They are also required for Building Permits. DHEC may require them for septic tank approval.

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Mobile Home Permits

The Sumter City-County Building Department, in conjunction with the Sumter County Assessor's Office, provides the documents, stickers, certifications, and permits necessary to move and site a mobile / manufactured home in Sumter City and County. (Modular Homes with proper documentation are permitted using the same procedures for site built homes).


The Building Department does Mobile Home Certifications.


The current fees for Mobile Homes at the Planning Commission are: Mobile Home Building Permit = $72.00

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No other section of the Sumter Zoning and Development Standards Ordinance has created as much discussion and confusion as the Sign Regulations (Section 8.i.).


This section was designed to meet major objectives established in the Comprehensive Plans and gives everyone fair and equal treatment for advertising and free speech. All sign rules and regulations are attached.


Please contact the Planning Staff as soon as possible with all questions relating to signs, permits, and fees.


All signs are controlled by this Ordinance. Most have permits and fees associated with them, while almost all have time, manner, and place rules.


See Sign Brochure (PDF*) and Section 8.i. of the City/County - Zoning & Development Standards Ordinance.

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