Boards & Committees

Downtown Revitalization Board


Name Position Title
Hubert D. Osteen Jr. Chairman The Item
Emma R. Singleton Vice-Chairman Imports, Ltd.
Robert Smith   First Citizens
Jay Davis   Coldwell Banker Cornerstone
Harold Nixon   XDOS
Shelly Galloway   Sumter School District
Melvin Cabbagestalk    
Delores Green   Owner of Serendipity
Angus McDuffie   Creative Camera


Committee Chairs


Name Position Title
  Promotion Committee Chair  
John B. Jackson, A1A Design Committee Chair Jackson & Sims Architects
Jack Osteen Economic Restructuring The Item, Publisher
Neal Crotts Main Street Society Chair CCTC, PR Director


Promotions Committee

The Downtown Promotions Committee is comprised of volunteers from the Sumter community. The committee's primary responsibility is to develop and assist in the implementation of promotional events in the downtown central business district. Promotions include outdoor concert series and street festivals such as the "Sumter/Shaw StreetFest."


The promotions committee is also responsible for assisting in the promotion of the ongoing revitalization activities of Downtown Sumter and coordinating joint promotions among merchants such as "Oktoberfest" and "Dracula". Other activities include Opera House concerts and the promotion and coordination of cultural activities in the downtown area.


Committee Members


Name Title
Promotion Chair  
Rose Ford Sumter County Parks and Recreation
Colette Daniels Tourism Development Coordinator,
Sumter Convention & Visitors Bureau
Mary B. Sheridan Sumter School District,
Public Information Specialist
Shelly Galloway Sumter School District,
Public Information Specialist
Tracie Waller Premier Concierge, LLC
Lynn Kennedy Events Manager, City of Sumter
Kirk Jeffcoat Opera House Manager, City of Sumter
Mary Jones Hamptons
Danielle Thompson Hamptons
Todd Touchberry Sumter Cut Rate
Lynn Wright SAFE
Misty Hatfield Shaw AFB
Bill Bultman  
Holly Chase Sumter Family Healthcare
Matt Walters Tavern on Main
Howie Owens Downtown Development Manager, City of Sumter


Downtown Design Committee

The Downtown Design Committee is made up of local architects, interior designers and other interested volunteers from the community that are committed to improving the appearance of Downtown Sumter. The committees primary purpose is to serve in an advisory role in the creation of an attractive, coordinated and quality image in Downtown Sumter by capitalizing on its unique assets and heritage.


Recent activities of the Design Committee include the streetscape project, parking lot renovations, the façade grant program and assistance in reviewing buildings to determine compliance with the Downtown Appearance and Maintenance Codes.


Committee Members


Name Title
John B. Jackson, AIA
Design Chair
Jackson & Sims
Julie Coker JWC Design Consultant
John Acken Corporate Consultant
Meredith Drakeford
Drakeford Architects
Lorin Palmer Palmer Memorial Chapel
Jay Stutz
Chief, Base Development, Architect
Nicole Norris Nicole Norris Design Studio
Al Harris City of Sumter
Director of Public Works
Kay Rhoads la bella vita


Economic Restructuring Committee

The Economic Restructuring Committee consists of volunteers from the Sumter business and financial community. The committee works to develop a market strategy that will help achieve an improved retail mix, a stronger tax base, increased investor confidence and a stable role for downtown as a major component of Sumter's economy.


Currently the committee is involved in recruiting retailers to available properties in Downtown Sumter.


Committee Members


Name Title

Jack Osteen,

Economic Restructuring Chair

Publisher, The Item
Mack Kolb Century 21 Hawkins & Kolb
Bill Smith Building Owner
Talmadge Tobias Summit Realty & Development
Stephen DesChamps Coldwell Banker Commercial Cornerstone
Melissa White NBSC
John Acken  
Tony Barwick Palmetto Pigeon Plant



Organization Committee (Main Street Society)

The Organization Committee, also known as the Main Street Society, plays a key role in attracting people and money to the downtown revitalization efforts. It is responsible for getting volunteers and other interested parties working towards the same goal and building consensus and cooperation.


The Organization Committee is also charged with promoting the revitalization process and making sure that members of the community know, understand, and appreciate the work in mission of downtown revitalization. This is accomplished through newsletters, presentations to civic groups and displays at various community events.


Committee Members


Name Title

Neal Crotts

 Board Chair
Susan Allen  
Scott Bell  
Powell Black  
Stan DuBose  
Beth Jackson  
Dotty Kolb  
Sue McDuffie  
Linda Nock  
Howie Owens  
Kay Rhoads  
Lucy Wilson  
Barbara Burchstead