Artrageous: Artreach

Artrageous presents Artreach

Artrageous is a one of a kind interactive performance that incorporates many different art forms on the same stage. Their Artreach program aims to take students behind the scenes, showing them what it means to be a performing artist today, answering their questions, and introducing them to different art mediums. Building on their nearly 30 years as a traveling entertainment troupe, the Artrageous team presents students with what it takes to be a real-life artist and run a company. They also will perform for students a shortened version of their Main Stage Series presentation. Help the young people in your life see what real possibilities wait in the arts, as well as amaze them with a multi-media performance!


This opportunity will only be available at the Sumter Opera House on October 5th at 11:00 a.m.! Recommended for grades 6-12.


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